Diversity & Inclusion

At KMc, we have zero tolerance for discrimination based on gender, race, age, disability, pregnancy, national origin, sexual orientation or religion. But that’s just the baseline. We, in fact, encourage — and celebrate — the diversity of the employees at Keefe McCullough. We do that, first, because it’s the right thing to do and second because inclusion and collaboration spurs healthy growth.

But we also believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce benefits our bottom line, and here’s why:

Multiple perspectives. Employees from various cultural and social backgrounds provide multiple perspectives on internal and external issues. A broader array of viewpoints also combats creativity-killing “group think.” Studies by social scientists have found that more diverse groups are more likely to bring new ideas to the table.

Better talent pool. By broadening our reach, we stand a better chance of finding top-quality employees. Employing people from various cultural backgrounds also allows us to better communicate with companies and clients from different regions and countries. Studies have found that merely having employees who grew up in different states can increase efficiency.

Economic growth. Economists have established that the U.S. economy — particularly the entrepreneurial sector — rises in lockstep with the number of women and minorities entering the workforce.

Increased creativity and productivity. A recent study at the University of Florida reveals that simply respecting individual differences will increase productivity and that diverse groups tend to devise better solutions to problems.