Business Advisory Services

The success of your business depends on long-range planning, financial savvy, the right business structure, proper recordkeeping, knowledge of tax law, good judgment and sound day-to-day management. Does that sound like a tall order? Well, it is.

But with the help of Keefe McCullough, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Our specialists know how to help your business grow and prosper. Because we have represented such a diverse group of clients since 1971, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about starting and running a successful business.

Our business advisory services include:

  • Review of operations to analyze profitability

  • Computer accounting services

  • Loan package preparation

  • Business planning

  • Analysis of computer needs

  • Financial recordkeeping, reports and returns

  • Accounting and tax services

  • Tax planning

  • Business projections

  • Financial planning

  • Executive estate planning

  • Budgetary control

  • Lease vs. purchase evaluations

Contact KMC today for more information about how our business advisory services can benefit you.