Employee Benefit Plan Audits

If your business has more than 100 employees, it’s likely that you are required to audit your employee benefit plans annually. The professionals at Keefe McCullough work with your plan administrators to comply with ERISA, IRS and state and federal Department of Labor requirements.

We are experienced in auditing 401(k), defined-benefit, profit-sharing, ESOP, health benefit and other plans. And that’s just the beginning. We show you how to use the information from the audit to create savings in the future.

At KMC, we are prepared to perform limited-scope and full-scope audits of qualified plans, to prepare and file your Form 5500, and to review the operation and funding of your plan.

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The professionals at Keefe McCullough have shown us time and again that our law firm can trust them to perform our 401(k) audits accurately and expeditiously. At Tripp Scott, we have a sizeable staff that includes more than 40 attorneys, so an audit of our benefit plan is no small undertaking. KMC consistently gets the job done, no matter how compressed the timeframe. We appreciate the ease with which we are able to communicate with the members of the KMC team and their availability when we need them.

- GREGORY A. McLAUGHLIN, Trustee, Tripp Scott Profit Sharing Plan