Forensic and Valuation Services

The professionals at Keefe McCullough work with businesses and individuals who need business valuations or are involved in disputes concerning lost profits, fraud, business interruption and economic damages. We work in the background as analysts and on the front lines as expert witnesses.

Business valuation services. If you are buying or selling a company or litigating a business dispute, you need to know the real value of the business or the loss. The business valuation team at KMC is experienced at combining analysis and judgment to deliver accurate, reliable valuations. All the while, we remain mindful of the sensitivity and confidentiality involved in these matters.

Forensic accounting services. It’s sad but true that many businesses become victims of fraud and other financial irregularities, sometimes at the hands of trusted employees or colleagues. The forensic accountants at KMC know how to not only detect and document such offenses but also how to help prevent them in the future. Our approach minimizes costs and maximizes effectiveness. We keep you apprised throughout the process and are always available to respond to your questions and insights.

Litigation services. When you are involved in a commercial dispute, you need articulate, unassailable experts on your side to interpret and explain complex financial information — and to rebut opinions offered by opposing experts. We understand the litigation process, including discovery, motion practice and the state and federal rules of civil procedure regarding business records and expert testimony. KMC professionals have experience as both consulting and testifying experts, both at trial and in depositions, and in both federal and state court.

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Our company has been around since 1955, so we know the value of experience. That’s why we rely on Keefe McCullough for our valuation projects. They’ve been at it for more than 30 years. Although our company is best known for boat building, service and repair, we have branched out over the years to include a yacht brokerage, a marine insurance business and a wholesale marine, aviation and industrial supply company. We use KMC to perform valuations for these subsidiaries as well. No matter the scope of the project or the intensity of the time pressure, the professionals at Keefe McCullough provide excellent results, and they provide them on schedule.

- BRIAN D. PINNELL, Chief Financial Officer, Merritt’s Boat & Engine Works